Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well as I was getting ready to blog about my car and what we are doing about it finally, Netsanet appeared before me with a bald spot the size of Texas smack dab in the front of her head. Her beautiful hair!!!! I could cry. She stood with a pair of scissors that her Grandmother gave her looking so very guilty. Acutally almost in tears, I think she realized it was bad. I sent her to her room. She was acting sneaky earlier, apparently she was hiding scissors when she disappeared.

I will deal with it later.

Mason is currently sifting dirt to finish out our project on Nomads. I will blog a picture.

A mummified chicken????!!!!! groooosssssss.

but so cool!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home school

You know you home school when you have mud bricks the size of tootsie rolls baking in your oven and not yummy brownies. :(

History, Nomads, lesson. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taking matters into our own hands

Well with our car gone we fill less in control and more at the mercy of time and the police. Most people would just sit back and wait for that phone call. Not my husband. He had me print out 150 pictures of our Suburban and he spent an hour on the phone getting addresses of the boarder patrols and local police stations. His intention is to send these pictures off on Monday with a letter to every border control station in hopes of them recovering our Suburban. I know it was a piece of junk with a good motor and new tires, but it was our piece of junk!! My husband toiled for hours in the garage working on and maintaining that truck. He painted it, fixed the air, changed the engine, kept it up and basically it has our blood, sweat and tears in it. All in the name of trying to stay out of debt. It really chaps my hide. This is our second car stolen. My third car broken into and our fourth one victimized. We were hit and run in our other car and it still bears the dent. But in all of this what can you do? It really is in God's hand and he knows just where it is. Mexico. Thats where our last car went. We are just glad to do our part for the American dream. I say that with a bit of sarcasm but I really hope and pray for the people who are using the car. I understand the desperate situation and I don't judge. I know they didn't take from us but from God as that car was going to Africa when we were done with it. Just pray we get it back and it is not to damaged. It is not a good time for us to buy another car right now, that is why we were waiting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

True Friends

We had our car stolen this morning. We realized it at about 8:30 am. By 8:30 pm we had a loaner waiting for us from our dear friends Dustin and Jen. I am so blessed to have friends like this in my life. Our car hasn't been recovered yet but.... we are praying. In the meanwhile we have been blessed by our friends to use their van. A car big enough to hold our family of six!!

My car has been stolen

Has anyone seen a green suburban?? 1995, run down no AC? Dent in the back tail light? Well that is mine. It was stolen from our driveway this morning. The sad thing is that we were going to donate it to Pastor Surafel when we save enough money to buy a new old one. We have really taken a stand not to go into debt or take out a loan. I feel this is such a distraction or distortion of what God is trying to do. Can you just all pray that this car is retrieved today? We don't even have a car now large enough to go anywhere as a family. Our only other mode of transportation is on it's last leg. I really don't want to take a car loan out. We simply need out car back.

I feel that whoever took it stole from more than my family I feel they stole from the orphanage we were going to donate it. We made sacrifices with the sole purpose of donating to the orphanage we are working with. I am so very upset.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who would have known it could be this hard?!

Seriously guys making smoothies should not be this complicated. This is what you get when you take a smoothie you feel has too much pulp, try to strain it then decide "Hey maybe the juicer will eliminate the pulp?" So you stick the pulpy smoothie into a juicer and turn it on. Well apparently it shoots out the side of the juicer. Didn't know that. Oh well, outside a huge mess in the kitchen and on me and a good laugh, no harm done. The kids enjoyed a blend of, chard, bananas,strawberries,cucumber,grapes,peppers, mixed with water and ice. They loved it!!
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Every day life

This is a picture Nettie drew. It is me with kids coming off of me. Cute, that is how I feel.
Kids in the linen closet. Of course.
This is our family per Abigail, the turtle looking thing is Espresso our dog.
This is what happens when you wind a Big Wheels truck and drive it in your hair.
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Ahh smoothies!

Another satisfied customer.
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Raw Food Mishap

I know it doesn't look so bad but it really was. I was trying to make a healthy smoothie for my family. Our blender struggles with doing it's job on thick stuff. I have little trick, I use a spoon and I stir it. Of course I am careful not to jam it to far into the blender. I mean how stupid do you think I am. My husband thinks this is stupid but I know what I am doing and I beg to differ. I was thinking how smart I am when suddenly reality changed for me. I nearly lost an eye! The spoon made contact with the blade and whamo! It flew out of my hand splattering me with strawberries and chard. Gary and the kids got a pretty good laugh.
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My newest four year old! Happy Birthday Judah welcome to the four year old club.

Happy birthday Judah Melaku!
My African warrior
On the way to church
Snuggles on the couch, this is why you have even numbers of children no one is left out.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ooops she did it again, crazy Kim

Well why not?

I am trial transitioning my family to a Raw Food diet. I know, so raw granola of me. I have been thinking of it for a very long time but just now got the courage to delve in. The health results if you play your cards right are amazing. I am talking a cure all. Not to mention weight loss. Anyway I will be blogging about this new chapter here and there on this blog.

We won't go 100 percent to start but I am gradually going to add more raw food to our diets until I am comfortable with 100 percent.

I will start off with a raw breakfast and a raw snack. I wasn't going to officially start until Monday but the kids were begging for something to eat today. I soaked some oats in some water (oats are cooked at over 100 degrees to toast them, so I am not sure this totally counts) Anyway I just let them get mushy, put them in my blender with frozen blueberries and maple syrup. I gave it to the kids fully expecting a revolt but much to my surprise they begged for more! It was watery, kinda grainy and cold. At first I didn't care for it but after a few sips it grew on me as well. I am currently soaking almonds in water overnight to blend them in the AM. Mornings will start off with power juicing, oats, and smoothies. Snacks will be sprouted hummus and things like slaw's with spices. I think my kids will transition well because it is not to far from what they are used to. Of course they love mac and cheese and chicken nuggets but I don't think they will miss it. They don't ever ask for that stuff anyway it is usually me being to tired to cook. Ha with raw food you don't have to cook!! We will see. I am really looking forward to the health benefits of this lifestyle. We won't go completely vegan at least not right away until I am confident in my skills and knowing proteins and nutrients. Who knows we may never get further than this week, but life is an adventure I want to try everything!

By the way my dear husband is totally on board! I am so blessed to have a man that is more health conscious than me and willing to be a veg head. For some of you who don't know me, I was a strict vegetarian for over 12 years. It wasn't until I was pregnant with Abby that I started to eat meat. My weight has sored to an all time high and the conditions that go with it are uncomfortable to say the least. We are learning that so many of our problems including behavior issues with Judah, could be the results of additives, processed foods, sugars and dyes. Gary and I have been watching Judah and he is the very worse when he even has a little bit of refined sugar. I need to take him off sugar, preservatives, all additives but I didn't want to make him walk that path alone. Then of course I am looking some auto immune things in the face and I am tired of being tired. We are a family and we stick together. I think by doing these things together we will set ourselves apart but at least we will be apart together!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Hey all!!!!

Please check out my adoption blog! We finally got some things up and running concerning our ministry. I am so excited.


Blog problems.

I tell you what, communication has been cut off from me.

My blog has been acting up but I finally figured out that I have to use a different browser. For some reason I haven't been able to read any one's updates! I thought you guys just were not posting. But on this account I couldn't even read my own updates. I think they were showing up but not to me. On my other account I could read my own blogs but not others. Anyway what a pain!!!

Anyway.........I am back on circuit, without a cell phone because Nettie lost it. I tell you I have been cut off and with homeschooling I even feel more disconnected. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. ??? GET OFF THE PHONE AND PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!