Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coolest Picture ever! I caught Abby's shadow

This a neat picture because in that brief second of running I was able to catch just Abbys shadow on the wall as she ran behind a tree. Like peter pan she needs to sew her shadow to her feet, it has gotten away from her.
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She was opening the little doll I sent her. So cute.

okay love my camera!!

Approaching night fall
We stayed to watch the fountains
My daughter, all her girly charm. What is it with little girls?
The fountains at our lake
watching the fountains

More park pictures

I don't know, a bird?
This is the view from the lake in our community
run batman run.
There were moments of wander
father and son talk, very serious

A good day

Us out on what is probably the last decent day in Az. before the sun bakes us
Oh Gary thinks he is so cool
Look at my babies
Abby, always that hair in her eyes!
Except when she runs like the wind

Boys will be boys

Mason and Judah
They love wrestling
They are very close, gosh I have such handsome kids!!
We took out a little boat at our local yacht club, yes I we have a yacht club in our community. Pretty funny.


Here is our daughter, we passed court, I found out at 5:47 am. I am so excited I can't think straight, so I will still travel at the same time as I planned, I leave the 21!!