Sunday, May 11, 2008

Movies should come with warnings

A while back ago I listed different kids movies and why kids shouldn't watch them. I have one to add to my list.

Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Okay so I am a total numb skull. I thought "Alvin and the Chipmunks" rated G right? WRONG. I let my kids see it with their grandma when it came out in the movie theaters, it was bad and never did anything bad come from it. We rented it and later decided to watch it with the kids. I was disgusted at some of the pure garbage in there. Lets see:

She's Hot - Mason now thinks it is okay to say this, NOT!!
Bou chick a wow wow- Why is this necessary?
and my fave, the Dave chant ....

"Dave likes to wear dirty underwear with hair" ya. I know what the ????

Okay so I have told my kids not to say this but tonight at my sisters church we visited the children's pastor was named Dave. So guess what they sang to him? ya. I was so angry I couldn't see straight. Angry at me angry at my kids angry at the movie. I am getting rid of all these movies and will no longer assume the are okay for kids to watch. Even the ones that look innocent.

Not to mention the other night Mason was being obnoxious and trying to breathe on me his breath to gross me out or something, so I sternly said to stop it was rude and he looked shocked at first maybe a bit embarrassed then he said with a smile "I like a woman with a little fire" ya. I know the kids has these one liners. Apparently that is a Flushed Away line. So between that and this I am done.

Mothers Day according to Abigail

Well mothers day for me wasn't one of fan fare, nor would I expect it to be. Again I am of the notion this is just another way to sale 6 dollar greeting cards, apply pressure to unsuspecting husbands everywhere, feed the sense of "entitlement" and just generally become more "self focused" I do however buy into this a little bit, for instance, I did plan to enjoy breakfast in bed and when Gary asked me to get up and come fold the breakfast burritos I strictly said "no" it was mothers day and reminded him of his promise. I did feel slightly entitled. I also stayed in bed reading until noon. What can I say, I am an opportunist.

Abigail highlighted my mothers day with unknowing comedy. She made me laugh like crazy and what more can a mom ask for?

She slept with me because of bad dreams last night and woke to share my breakfast in bed. Mason was to engulfed in Word Girl to participate and Judah just snarled at me for some reason. After I shared half my breakfast with Abigail, and some with the begging dog and finally Mason, she wished me Happy Mothers Day, and explained that Kids day was next. Apparently kids day follows mothers day and is much more important. It includes gold medals as well. After a while of reading and increased background insanity coming from beyond the solitude of my bedroom, Abby came to me distraught and whiny. "Is mothers day over yet, it's going forever!"(mind you it was only 11:00 am) "When is it kids day!!!"

So anyway with that I am off. I did not include that I will be receiving a bottle of perfume as well. I get one bottle of perfume a year, or I allow myself one bottle, I should say. With that I take advantage of my own entitlement on mothers day. I will be cashing in at ULTA. Happy Mothers Day to me and all of you on the battle front.

PS Judah did end up calling me "mamssweeta" cute even if he confused it with Mamasita.