Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lasagna From a Box, But Tangelos From My Tree. Transition.

Today down on the farm ette, we got all of most of our trees planted. Well Gary did the planting I did the watching and nursing (hey someones got to do it and it can't be Gary) A few things I decided today. 1. Lemons suck. They have thorns and when you get the juice in your eye or a cut it can make any good Christian girl want to say a bad word. 2. Why would anyone plant more than one lemon tree? I am personally going to chop the second one down. I think. It is so pretty, (Isn't there a song like that?) I feel everything on this little bit of land needs to be in full force productivity. We don't have time or water to waste on food going to waste. I am over the lemon tree. You can only do so much with lemons. When life gives you lemons, call a friend. Anyone need a lemon or 50?

The last thing I realized when it comes to planting our trees is the stark realization that this will take me being home as a full time job to a whole new level. The amount of food I think I will need to learn to process is certainly going to be a challenge. Let me tell you though, there is something so gratifying about seeing something grow, then to pick it, then to eat it. Such a simple concept but we have lost touch with our food and how it comes to us. I cannot wait for the day you (anyone who is reading this) will come to my house and I will pull out some fresh baked bread with plum preserves and just squeezed orange juice, or maybe you will stop by for dinner and I will defrost some yummy chicken soup with veggies from my garden. I know I know. I am a dreamer, but isn't that the fun of it all?

Some other things I learned.

So we found out tonight that there are a pack of local coyotes just a few blocks down in a vacant over grown lot and they love the neighborhood chickens. We also found out that we have to clip our chickens wings if we want them to stay in our fence. I also learned that 3 pound Chihuahua's will attack full grown horses. Bees sting at night. Mud keeps kids busy for hours on end. Gopher hunting is the bomb diggity and possibly a new family sport. Eating Gatorade powder will give a kid stomach aches. And that when you dig holes for trees and the kids are helping you make sure that as you go keep an eye on the kids. Kids like to fill in holes behind what you just dug out. Actually I just observed the after affects of Gary digging like mad and Abby filling them in without him knowing and Gary cursing under his breath when he looked back and saw the aftermath of an over zealous 7 year old girl.

For an update. The house is nearly fitted with AC. Yes a big and proud moment for this ol' house over 30 years in the desert with no air conditioning. That is a lot of sweat.

There is no recipe tonight. We ate lasagna from a box. We did throw the tangelos in the salad to the side and had grape fruit juice. Slightly disappointed in this dinner but it was fast and easy.