Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Pay Check at the End of a Hard Day

This is what I get at the end of the day.    This is the stub, the reward, why I do what I do and the small sweet things that keep me going.  The room was dark so I just got his voice. (Judah)  It has been a rough few days over here at the ranch, (ranch in theory anyway because technically I am still residing in a residential community)  You can see below why it has been a rough few days.  But let me tell you first a little about Judah my youngest son.  He was adopted from Ethiopia 5 years ago, he is 6.5 now.  Our road hasn't been without a few bumps as some of you know.  But God is good and to him I give any credit of family life that even half way resembles normal.  Well maybe a quarter, a half way normal life may be stretching it.  His name means Praise and since he has been here he has been singing his little heart out.  I was putting the baby to bed and he came in and plopped on me.  At first I nearly sent him away because I was putting the baby to bed but he started singing, I happened to have my camera and captured this sweet moment. 

This is why it has been a hard few days.  Our daughter aptly named Serenity. HAHA the joke is on me I guess.  I set her down and surprisingly enough she sat for a few minutes then all heck just breaks loose and you can see even at 5 almost 6 months the temper, the fear the raw emotion.  I know some people would say let her cry it out.  Trust me I have thought about it.  Even tried it.  After 30 minutes of this intense screaming I am done for.  The 30 minutes mostly being forced in the car.  I have let her cry here at home too when I am getting dinner ready or something that I can't wear her for.  She doesn't like slings, or wraps.  She likes the front carrier.  It is not conducive to baby wearing though as she grabs at everything.  This is my  life, the good the bad and the ugly.

No babies or children were harmed in the filming of this youtube video.