Friday, August 17, 2012


We have two dear cows, Sir loin and Taco.  Well that isn't their real name those are the joking names we call them.  Just when I thought cows couldn't have too much personality, ( a safe place for me to be since I have to eat them) they go and show up all sweet and sneaky and stuff.

Apparently the little calf, a wily black and white faced girl with horns, got out of her pen.  It isn't to uncommon she is becoming known as quite the escape artist.  I think I shall give her the real name of Houdini.  Anyway I got home and found her out side gorging herself on our alfalfa.  I tried to wrangle her in by employing all the kids.  Things didn't go down so well.

I told Judah (7) to stand guard with a pitch fork, stretched outward as a blockade, but when she ran his way he attempted to stab her!  I got so mad and sent his half dressed butt in the house, ( he was wearing his new school underwear and a shirt, we were trying clothes on when chaos broke out)  So that left me, Abby and Mason.  Sudeenly Nettie (8) comes out in the field chasing Serenity almost 2 now, naked as the day she was born right for the loose and wild horned calf.  "moooommmm she wanted out!!"  I said a few bad words and yelled at Nettie loosing my foot hold on the calf capture plan and sent Mason inside with the two girls to get them all out of harms way.  That left me and Abby, suddenly the renter of our barn appeared with her dog, on leash barking a storm, she got tangled up and said her own few bad words nearly being impaled on the garden post.  I continued to try to maneuver the cow back to the fence but with no luck, when suddenly Mason reappears and informs me that a neighbor boy ( 12 years old) is here and has a gun.  I gave up.  I threw the whip across the yard and continued to yell into the wind.  Who lets their kids roam the hood with a loaded pellet gun strapped to their back?  I told the kids I didn't think what he was doing was safe, but allowed my oldest son to stay outside and talk to him for a few minutes.  Meanwhile I tried to cool off by calling Gary to yell at him just because I needed him to  know what it was like when he was gone.  He suggested I call the cowboy down the road in for help.  Ummm ... No.  So I told him I could get it and I didn't need a man to help me.  That is when Abby remembered that we left the gate open for the other cow and horse to get out of.  Rolling my eyes I asked her to go and shut it and watch for snakes because two had been spotted at the awning.  She came back 10 minutes later and reported that she single handedly got all three animals back in the pasture using a shovel and good wit.  Ya hoo for the 8 year old girl.  see. we didn't need a man.   Upon realizing we were all mostly in our pajamas and the kids in underwear I would say not bad for a evenings work.