Friday, April 25, 2008

I am on a diet.

BA hum bug.

never have i felt so lonely.

Leaving you behind late night snacks will be a tearful and sorry goodbye.

Sitting in front of the TV the house finally quiet, millionaire matchmaker doing her job and me loving you chocolate bar melted slightly in the microwave, and popcorn with butter.

Of course I can't and won't forget you diet Pepsi. I may still partake of your bubbly almost guilty free pleasure but, you make me want more, more of the bad sweet stuff that is causing me to be more than I want to be.

Oh, goodbye left over birthday cake and smuggled kids candy, sweet tarts and gold chocolate coins dipped in peanut butter. Goodbye Oreo cookies, special edition strawberry milkshake, kind. I will miss you. Goodbye all things fried and salty I really don't know what I will do without you when I am suffering with the incurable PMS.

I am really lonely at the thought of saying goodbye to my good Ole friends. But you have to know you are not good for me and I want to stick around to raise my kids, to go hiking and bike riding, to actually smile for a picture and not worry how many chins will show.

Friends pray for me as I try ......

My poor dog

Ignore the dirty grout on my tile, but you can obviously see why. This is the kids idea of what is fun. At lunch while they were eating mac and cheese the dog got the brunt end of this game. They were literally laughing as they threw mac and cheese on the little dog begging. How sad. The really sad part is our big dog is gone now so there is noone to eat it off of his back. In the past this is what the routine was when this game was played.
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The upside down world of Abby

My four year old.

Says she wants to marry a cat, but it is a secret. Not surprisingly she actually reminds me of a cat. Today she was absolutely fascinated with a golf ball, bouncing it on the tile she watched and chased it for about 15 minutes. Then later outside I realized she was consumed with a bush, her eyes caught site of a tiny bug and she zeroed in on it and chased it. Humm.

My daughter lost her cookies and milk because of certain behaviors, then she told Judah that she would let her have her chores, and with that she got him to share his portion of cookies for her. Like she did him a huge favor and made a great trade off. She gave him her chores for some of his cookies.

The upside down world of Abby. Poor boys they don't know what they are in for.