Friday, February 13, 2009


Well it has been a while since my late night photo fixing, so here I am. I am going to update this online journal mostly to keep the kids informed, maybe in the future they will appreciate my late night blog entries about random silly things. Or maybe not.

Abby told me today after I took away her candy for being a naughty scamp "Mom when you take away someones chocolate you take away a little bit of love" oh my.

Nettie pointed to her ears and complained her eyes were hurting and there was something stuck in them.

Judah hands me a flower every time I turn around. It is so touching. He has mellowed out a lot! he still is crazy and Mason told me that he is glad Judah sleeps with him in case someone breaks in Judah would scare them away. Judah has no fear.

We went to a nursing home outreach today and it was interesting. Mason made immediate friends with a elderly lady name Isabella, she wouldn't let him leave. I had to come and get him after finding him missing. He was the last child to leave as he was so moved by the experience. He told me Isabella asked him to move there and he told me she kissed him. (on the head) Hours later he asked me how did I think she was doing. He wants to go back. The rest of the crew was a bit shy with the elderly people and Nettie asked one man "why you talk like that?" she also asked another lady in a wheelchair "How come you get a ride? who give you a ride?" Abby was extremely shy and looked as if she were on the verge of tears during the performance. She told me later that she wasn't smiling on the outside but she was really smiling on the inside. She handed people money that she got from her pocket, I had no clue she had money, but it was original and cute and that is her. Her Valentines day card was not a heart with glitter but a yellow kite with a short string.

We went to a homeschool Valentines day party. I had a blast and it was nice to connect with others in my area using our program. One of the gals there had a beautiful daughter who was three. I noticed Nettie playing with her and was surprised because that was the first time I saw Nettie playing with other little girls without her siblings. Turns out the woman is the pastors wife of our local church and the funny game Nettie was teaching her daughter to play was "dead puppies" nice. I was minorly embarrassed.

I think those are all the updates on the things the kids are doing. I am blessed.