Monday, September 12, 2011

Ohhh better get a bloggin

I haven't updated this poor dusty blog in a month. I don't know why. Oh yes I do... Serenity. No not like that peace and calm feeling, I mean my daughter Serenity who is as I type banging on the toilet and ripping paper off the roller. The sound of music.

I really can't stay and chat, there is a storm coming and it is perfectly beautiful outside. I am grabbing my baby, my big dog and my husbands hand ohhhh and camera and we are going for a walk before the four older kids get home and we have to really start our day. Today will mark the first day back to scouts for the boys, well at least Mason. Not sure how I am going to swing school ending at four P.M. Then guitar at 4:45 and scouts at six. Big sigh. I was really hoping to at least get somewhat dressed so I don't make a horrible first impression but alas it won't be. We are part of a new pack this year since we moved so it will be a learning experience for us all. They will learn i am generally scattered and disorganized. Okay off to play in the much needed rain and teach our big dog not to eat live chickens. Day one of training.