Thursday, August 21, 2008


We have a nice pair of friends coming to visit us tomorrow. My kids love this man he is uncle to them. He is so good with children but hasn't had any yet of his own. He is bringing a childhood friend with him and I don't think she has kids either. Big sigh. My house is sticky. I mean the whole thing. I am not joking. There seems to be a layer of all kinds of grime mixed with dirt that just sits there. It does not matter how much I scrub, which is not a lot lately because home schooling the kids has taken over my life, the sticky just stays. I was thinking in my head tonight if I should just forewarn them like "Welcome to my home I am so glad you guys could come out and visit, here is a plastic bag to sit on and some rubber gloves to use in the bathroom." Speaking of I recently found stickers decorating the side of the toilet!! I tell you there is no place sacred here. When I say every inch of the house is sticky I am not kidding. Okay I am sitting here just looking at my sticky house typing on this sticky keyboard and I just noticed my curtains are hanging upside down! ahhhh it is close to 9 and there is so much work to do. Not to mention I didn't sleep at all last night each child woke me up at different times of the night.

Okay off to work by my self, husband fell asleep with the kids. I told you I need one of those boxing gloves. :)