Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lots of Love

Well a lot has happened in the several week since I stopped blogging. Mason lost his first tooth a few weeks ago. He believes in the tooth fairy so we played along although strange since we don't do any fictional characters, it was still kind of cute. He was 15 months old when he first got a tooth so it doesn't surprise me that it took so long for one to fall out.

Abby started Daisy scouts again, she is too adorable. We ordered a uniform online and as we were shopping she was just enthralled with the whole process of online shopping as we were checking out she grabbed my purse for me and asked "well where do you stick the card?" as she looked down into the computer!

We were getting ready to go to church on a Saturday night and I asked the kids "So why are we going to church tonight?" hoping for the deeper meaning, I was a little surprised when Abby piped up saying "We don't want to go to bed!" They had a blast anyway.

Abby was very shy with the dermatologist as she saw him remove a spot from me. Later she told me that she wasn't about to let that Meteorologist touch her foot!

Nettie started school, her first day of kindergarten, she came home telling me she had a boy friend and that she was going to get married. She also told her teacher that she wasn't coming back and she was going to tell her mom on her. The teacher wasn't phased. She is not super excited about school but in the end she is happy when we pick her up. Mornings drag but the afternoon she is excited about school. Someone apparently made the comment at school that she was adorable but didn't like to be boxed in. Go figure, her name means Freedom.

Judah is back at school, we asked him if he wanted us to take him his first day. NO. He wanted to ride the bus. He is doing good, I look forward to this being the last year of preschool. I think he will do really well in kinder.

Well I am trying to get back into the swing of things, sometimes life just throws you a curve ball and you have to figure out where you are and what position you are playing. My struggle has mostly been trying to figure out where I am in this world and what God wants me to do with this life he has given me. The realization of the shortness of our time on the earth hit me hard and I am hoping that God will use that realization for his benefit in teaching me to love each day with his heart and to live for him.