Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crazy Christmas songs on TV

I have been watching a lot of recorded Christmas shows with the kids. Just tonight I heard

"It's a good ol fashion Christmas down on the farm a little over eatin never did any harm!"

Uh ya tell that to my scale and the millions of overweight here in America! come on Garfield.

Santa is coming to town

"You sit on my lap, you have to pay with a kiss, tell me a secret you get a toy" Oh so creepy.

It was the seventies however so the other part of the lyrics are
"You have to give a little love to get a little love" hum ya, so you sit in an old mans lap, tell him a secret and give a little love for a toy!!!! CREEEPY.

I'm sure there is more I will be listening.......


Well the other night Abby asked me if we could watch

"The Roach that Stole Christmas"

You know she always gets things mixed up, often she still calls a port a potty a "porcupine potty" with this in mind I tried my best to figure out, finally I realized that it was

The Grinch that stole Christmas!