Friday, October 3, 2008

Barney Mobile

Well we got a new suburban! 2005, thank you very much! My friends were laughing at me because I can't work all the gadgets, but I am learning! We got a great deal at an auction! It is very nice. It was missing a radio so Gary went down to Best Buy to have one installed. Leave it up to my do it your self husband. They installed the radio then realized the speakers were blew out. So the tech told Gary he didn't have time to do the speakers, well we leave tomorrow so .... it had to be done. Gary asked the tech if he could stick around and install the speakers himself! They said yes, and with a minor tutorial he was able to put our speakers in, hanging with the Best Buy techs in the back. Gary saved us 80 dollars in labor cost! Plus the funny part is that they offered Gary a job! He may take it! He would be installing alarms and stereos and he feels the experience and extra money would be good for us.

Anyway our car was a great deal, in part because it is two toned. Lets see what it has been lovingly called thus far, "Barney" "Pimp mobile" "Ghetto Fab" "Mobile Disco" I think it is funny. It is purple and silver by the way! It is growing on me, regardless it is different and that I like.

I know I keep saying it but we will post pictures, life is so busy and I can testify that the more kids you add the faster it goes!