Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who would have known it could be this hard?!

Seriously guys making smoothies should not be this complicated. This is what you get when you take a smoothie you feel has too much pulp, try to strain it then decide "Hey maybe the juicer will eliminate the pulp?" So you stick the pulpy smoothie into a juicer and turn it on. Well apparently it shoots out the side of the juicer. Didn't know that. Oh well, outside a huge mess in the kitchen and on me and a good laugh, no harm done. The kids enjoyed a blend of, chard, bananas,strawberries,cucumber,grapes,peppers, mixed with water and ice. They loved it!!
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Every day life

This is a picture Nettie drew. It is me with kids coming off of me. Cute, that is how I feel.
Kids in the linen closet. Of course.
This is our family per Abigail, the turtle looking thing is Espresso our dog.
This is what happens when you wind a Big Wheels truck and drive it in your hair.
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Ahh smoothies!

Another satisfied customer.
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Raw Food Mishap

I know it doesn't look so bad but it really was. I was trying to make a healthy smoothie for my family. Our blender struggles with doing it's job on thick stuff. I have little trick, I use a spoon and I stir it. Of course I am careful not to jam it to far into the blender. I mean how stupid do you think I am. My husband thinks this is stupid but I know what I am doing and I beg to differ. I was thinking how smart I am when suddenly reality changed for me. I nearly lost an eye! The spoon made contact with the blade and whamo! It flew out of my hand splattering me with strawberries and chard. Gary and the kids got a pretty good laugh.
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My newest four year old! Happy Birthday Judah welcome to the four year old club.

Happy birthday Judah Melaku!
My African warrior
On the way to church
Snuggles on the couch, this is why you have even numbers of children no one is left out.
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