Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who would have known it could be this hard?!

Seriously guys making smoothies should not be this complicated. This is what you get when you take a smoothie you feel has too much pulp, try to strain it then decide "Hey maybe the juicer will eliminate the pulp?" So you stick the pulpy smoothie into a juicer and turn it on. Well apparently it shoots out the side of the juicer. Didn't know that. Oh well, outside a huge mess in the kitchen and on me and a good laugh, no harm done. The kids enjoyed a blend of, chard, bananas,strawberries,cucumber,grapes,peppers, mixed with water and ice. They loved it!!
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  1. OK - i have to ask if you got into doing these smoothies from the Above Rubies magazines/website? They always have healthy and raw food ideas and great articles for Christian homeschooling/moms and adoption articles too. We made "green smoothies" all the time last year w/chard, flax, spinach and anything raw and healthy of course with some fruit. My kids always drank them and then flexed their muscles. I think they are great immune boosters and I need to get back to making those.