Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My car has been stolen

Has anyone seen a green suburban?? 1995, run down no AC? Dent in the back tail light? Well that is mine. It was stolen from our driveway this morning. The sad thing is that we were going to donate it to Pastor Surafel when we save enough money to buy a new old one. We have really taken a stand not to go into debt or take out a loan. I feel this is such a distraction or distortion of what God is trying to do. Can you just all pray that this car is retrieved today? We don't even have a car now large enough to go anywhere as a family. Our only other mode of transportation is on it's last leg. I really don't want to take a car loan out. We simply need out car back.

I feel that whoever took it stole from more than my family I feel they stole from the orphanage we were going to donate it. We made sacrifices with the sole purpose of donating to the orphanage we are working with. I am so very upset.


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