Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Look What We Found!!!

My son found these Mourning Dove eggs in a tree next to our playground so close you could touch them. She built her nest and layed her eggs completely trusting my kids wouldn't bother her. Silly dove. Abigail upon discovery of the eggs already sent a gift offering of a pretzle to her at the end of a plastic lilly flower. Needless to say she flew away. When I look into the tree I am literally eye level with her. It is exciting though because this is a symbol of new life.

Do you see this tree behind the the slide? This is where she built her nest. She understood the risk involved. Just pray she stays. Usually animals are trying to get out of our house.

I have come out of hiding!!

Hello, if anyone is still reading!

Well we got a referral of a beautiful little girl who is four on April second. I have been hesitant of posting anything as I have had my gaurd up for some time now. But I can say now that it is starting to feel real!! Our paper work was filed with court today! Shimiliess thinks I may travel end of May or mid June. I am not ready at all! I have her room to get done, amharic to learn, weight to loose, shots to get, the trip to plan. I suddenly overwhelmed myself. Anyway it is real, we were matched and filed for court. I couldn't be happier. I am actually on my way to put together a package and a letter to send with a friend who will tell our daughter we are coming to get her. Acutally there has been a change in plans. It was going to be all of us but since we are going during rainy season it will just be me stomping the mud in the streets of Addis. I didn't see why our kids should come along to just have to stay indoors when they could be swimming and having a blast here waiting for us to come home. I am hesitant about leaving my kids for so long. The longest I left them was last year for four days and it was the longest four days of my life and I was just in Ohio. They are older now and I know Gary will do a great if not better job than me taking care of them. I have to learn to let go a little bit.