Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spilt milk

"Did you get the milk out Abby? " Me

"No," Her

this goes on like this for a while,

Finally she, intent on proving her alleged innocence questioned Judah about his interest in milk

"Judah do you like milk?" she inquires

"Yes", is the innocent answer, having no idea he is being set up.

She looks at me with those blue eyes trying to cast a reasonable doubt, it works for a second but then I remember who I am dealing with. I watch her casting looks to the floor and twiddling her fingers.

"Abby you are the only one who gets into the milk, tell me the truth." Me
"Are you going to be mad at me?" Her
"Does it matter?" Me
"Well I did it on accidentally purpose." Her


"What does purpose mean?" Her

Judah chimes in to give his definition
"Purpose means you get in trouble."

there you go.