Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goodby to my friends

While we were at our previous church the Lord led us to a really great family and they have become like our family. They recently had to leave, to be stationed elsewhere I am happy they are not going straight back to their home of Singapore but rather Alabama so goodbye doesn't seem so far away right now. These are the kind of people you just love. Two years flew by so fast and now I am left with memories. I hope we can visit sometime soon and I know we will be going to Singapore in the future or at least meeting somewhere in the middle!! Love you guys with all my heart!

The beach in San Diego
Every birthday party
Singapore Chile crab
Watching our kids change in the 2 years we had together
Gary trying to learn Mandarin
Never getting around to Ethiopian food
Bar B Que pork
Sunday school
Sitting together at church
Never getting around to getting your pictures to you
I promise I will
Your support of our family with this adoption

You guys have been so good to us in every way I know our friendship no matter the distance will continue to grow. Love Kim

The Famous Playground that Gary built

The playground has a cool tire swing, major heavy duty it will make you sick as a dog if you spin too long on it.
this is the completed deal, we used rubber tire chips to put underneath, since Gary built it so huge and we needed something soft to pad a big fall. The base alone is over 6 feet. There is a Jacobs ladder, disk swing, tire swing, two saddle swings,monkey bars, rock climbing, ladder, trapeze bar with a buoy ball that we can switch out for the swings.
We had Mason's birthday party so that is why there is streamers hanging from the monkey bars. There were about 15 kids romping on this thing. It held up nicely.
A happy mom with someplace for her kids to finally play other than the previous cactus garden.
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Play Ground Gary built, no order

Eric and Gary taking a break, haveing a manly cup of tea
Mason trying out the new rock climbing wall
It was so beautiful and stormy, we had to cover the wood though as it hadn't been protected yet
This all took place around Christmas of 2007
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Playground, no order sorry

Gary and his dad trying to fit the base together
Gary and his brother in law working into the night
Abby testing the slide, you can see it was muddy and cloudy out but that didn't stop her.
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