Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goodby to my friends

While we were at our previous church the Lord led us to a really great family and they have become like our family. They recently had to leave, to be stationed elsewhere I am happy they are not going straight back to their home of Singapore but rather Alabama so goodbye doesn't seem so far away right now. These are the kind of people you just love. Two years flew by so fast and now I am left with memories. I hope we can visit sometime soon and I know we will be going to Singapore in the future or at least meeting somewhere in the middle!! Love you guys with all my heart!

The beach in San Diego
Every birthday party
Singapore Chile crab
Watching our kids change in the 2 years we had together
Gary trying to learn Mandarin
Never getting around to Ethiopian food
Bar B Que pork
Sunday school
Sitting together at church
Never getting around to getting your pictures to you
I promise I will
Your support of our family with this adoption

You guys have been so good to us in every way I know our friendship no matter the distance will continue to grow. Love Kim

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