Saturday, November 29, 2008


This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in the house that I grew up in. It was beautiful and nostalgic. My sister hosted it and refuse to let me do anything but relax! All I was required to bring was some tupper ware for left overs!
Netties first Thanksgiving, we are having two more after this one! Can you believe it? Three Thanksgiving dinners in three days!

Judah handsome as ever.

The sky was so beautiful that day, just like I remember, those cloudy fall days, the ground still damp from rain. Life in the country cannot be beat!

This is what it is all about! My dad and his youngest grandbaby!

The kids had a blast jumping on their trampoline. See that barn? We used to live in it before the "big house" was built. My mom had all four of us girls in 1100 square feet for several years.

I had to get this one. Mason was mad because Abby could do a flip so he was pouting something terrible. You can see he has his back turned towards us, arms crosse, and stiff as a board even when being bounced he kept his fit going.

Ahh there is the boy we all know and love!

Gymnastics has been paying off! She got right on the trampoline and flipped, no problem I didn't even tell her to or show her how.

Nettie's idea of a flip

Judah bustin a move

My girls!