Tuesday, February 12, 2008

God's song to Mason 5 years old

Mason recieved a song from the Lord while he was getting a drink of water. He said listen mom this song just popped in my head.

"Oh Lord mighty God I ask that you save me"
"Oh Lord mighty God I ask that you save me"
"you are so heavenly you can do anything"
"you are so powerful Oh Lord mighty God"

One wise and simple man told me not to long ago to pour into your children when they are young, let them hear christan music and the word of God at all times. I haven't always been faithful daily with this but I was convicted a few weeks ago and have made family devotions and hymns the first part of our day. I am seeing the Lord grow stronger in the kids every day that goes by. I am using the bible a lot to correct and seeking Gods wisdom with the small things as well as the big things. I am not saying I am not completely fustrated with them and times and watching their behavior at times I blame myself for not doing a "good" enough job. Of course everytime they make a bad choice I feel I had some part in it, and this is not true. The truth is they are going to make bad choices that is how we all learn. I am going to start blogging daily of our lessons and devotions, you can read the hymns that we are learning to the side.