Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friends in the Hood

I have been residing in this particular neighborhood for nearly 10 years. It isn't a flashy subdivision, no private entrance or gated community. Just a plain ol track home kind of deal. Often we joke saying we live in the barrio section of the hood. Really it is quaint and seemingly average. With the small exception of who surrounds me. There is nothing average about my neighbors. I have the unique privilege of co residing with some of the most amazing people. On the outside, like the houses we occupy, they are not flashy but on the inside there is a dazzle that says, ol time values have not been lost here on this little street. I have likened living here to a big adult slumber party. Late night movies at the park with our kids, borrowing sugar at 10 pm in my pjs. Once a neighbor even traded me a hot dog and chips for some tooth fairy money at midnight just when I had been desperately craving a hot dog, one just appeared from down the street. Last night a dear sweet neighbor dropped by a bag of Clementine oranges as a token of thanks for keeping an eye on her bed ridden husband, and tonight at 9 pm my door bell rings and another neighbor walked two chocolate chip oatmeal cookies down to me because she knew I had a rough day. This afternoon, I kept an eye on a few kids for a friend and in turn she did that for me while I ran Mason to cub scouts. The same friend also this afternoon, got back a dish she loaned to another neighbor filled with some chocolate concoction and called me over to share. This afternoon the doorbell rang and I was able to share some lemons we picked off the tree. (The first of many times I hope we can share our fruit.) These little acts of kindness are not random, they are the norm over here. Perhaps that is why staying several years past our proclaimed expiration date of 2 years has been so easy. I really could go on and on but the point of this post is to remember while I am excited about leaving to something bigger square footage wise, there is a reflection on what I will be missing. In some way this is the something bigger. I have watched all of our kids grow from diapers to preteens. We have been camping together, shopping, walking, gained weight lost it, shed tears and shared laughs. I am blessed to have this home not so much because it is a structure over my head but more because the people around me, my neighbors, my friends make living here home and I cherish these memories. No matter where I go these folks will remain my neighbors.