Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garage sale day 2

Well I am super tired, the kids are sleeping finally and just wanted to drop a quick post about our garage sale. It was slower today but none the less very, very worth while. We had so much stuff that we are doing it again the next weekend. I so enjoyed watching people get good deals, and let me tell you there were a few!! The kids all 8 of them did great, just playing all day in Jens amazing yard. I gained five pounds, chocolates and Mac Donalds, gotta stop that, and we forgot to get Gary's drycleaning, woops. He has no uniform for tomorrow. It was fun Gary was commenting on what a great great garage sale it was. All in all we did very good on the money portion, it is a secret though as we are doing it again next week. Okay off to bed I think.