Monday, July 28, 2008

To end on a good note... sugar and spice

A little brunch my friends in the hood put together for me.

And just in case you think life is too rosey here are the fits

wow all I can say is that is my sweet angel
frustrated Judah, common face in my house
again, what can I say the mommy cam is on
and of course Nettie... she is one of us
I wander what she is thinking
We went on the Fairy from Coronado Island to San Diego, just for fun.
Mason swinging
I found Abby and Nettie holding hands in the back and when I went to take a picture Nettie broke out with this new model pose
I fond Nettie and Mason watching TV like this. She loves him and really looks up to him. Of course she posed. This is in our trailer in San D
Just Abby being cute
Our trip to San Diego, this is at the Scripps Aquarium
Daddy with his two little ones at our trailer in San Diego
Nettie having some special time
Nettie on a swing at a playground for the first time in San Diego, she loved it.