Friday, January 23, 2009

Crispy Rice and Noodles

Well as some of you have heard my day I will officially record it anyway so that my children know why mom went mad at a young age.

It started off with me taking Judah out of school and preparing for a dermatology appointment that I was apparently one week early for, but that is great because I have been late to just about everything else, if not I have all togethe forgotten it. Look when I say prepared I mean it, like down to my underwear. You know you don't want to get caught off guard like the last time I had to take all my kids to the dermatologist and they had me get undressed then dawn a paper robe which the kids lovingly called "the paper towel that mom had to wear" I heard about that for weeks following the full body exam. Ya. So this time I was prepared, I wore exercise shorts that I could easily hike up if I needed. No need to expose myself this time, Hu, ha!! Well in the end it didn't matter as the appointment isn't until next week.

Highlights of my day were

Mason and Abby going out to our back yard and wetting each other with the hose then proceeding to throw "Crispy Rice" cereal to their wet little bodies topping off the do with wet noodles<> Abby came in looking like a rice crispy treat. Or should I say a "Crispy Rice Treat", (yes we buy generic, less sugar)

Then I ended up punishing Abby for something she didn't do. I felt like a jerk. I caught the three younger ones running around the house in their undies and Judah just going all out flashing Mason in the front room. I figured Abby was the ring leader of this so...

In the end Abby was playing a game called "spy girls" and she figured since our walls were off white and she was off white she could remove her clothes and camouflage into the walls where she would then be in stealth mode. She later told me she definately thought she should leave her undies on. Nettie obviously being brown didn't follow Abby's brilliant logic of stripping down and sliding back against the walls hidden, to spy on the rest of the family she just thought they were dancing. Judah, well who knows what he got out of the whole thing, oh ya, big trouble for taking all of that non sense to the next level and running thought the house streaking and screaming "Shake my bootie!" he must have had a huge misunderstanding on the recon.