Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Very Next Day

Abby wore her blue painter tape initial to school today.  (the one from yesterday) Yes with her holy camouflage tights that she refuses to take off with jean shorts and a hot pink tie die shirt and a big blue letter A covering her entire torso, just to finish the look off.  (What girl needs accessories when you have painters tape?)  I told her if the kids teased her to say that she was unique and that by wearing the A it made her original, and who knows maybe everyone would want to wear their initials in painters tape on their shirts to second grade.  Mason told her if the kids teased her she should just run for her life into the bathroom and rip the A off crumple it up and throw it in the trash.  (we are working on confidence)  Well about lunch time she did take it off, after what she described as everybody in the whole entire school staring at her and asking her why did she tape an A to her chest.  I think, what really ended the A was one girl who said "why do you have a giant A on your shirt?"  And Abby's reply was "A stands for Original" and the girl remarked back to Abby that Original started with an O.

Good concept.  Poor execution.  Or at least misunderstood.  She is only 7!

(Abby and I had our board meeting today.  We will not be getting a  mouse at this current time.  However we will reconvene in six months to reevaluate if having a mouse is conducive for her and make a decisions at that point.)