Friday, September 5, 2008


Hey all!!!!

Please check out my adoption blog! We finally got some things up and running concerning our ministry. I am so excited.

Blog problems.

I tell you what, communication has been cut off from me.

My blog has been acting up but I finally figured out that I have to use a different browser. For some reason I haven't been able to read any one's updates! I thought you guys just were not posting. But on this account I couldn't even read my own updates. I think they were showing up but not to me. On my other account I could read my own blogs but not others. Anyway what a pain!!!

Anyway.........I am back on circuit, without a cell phone because Nettie lost it. I tell you I have been cut off and with homeschooling I even feel more disconnected. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. ??? GET OFF THE PHONE AND PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!