Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mason's big plan

Mason 8 years old

Mason said he is going to be a multibillionaire. His plan is to open a Birthing Center to fund Taco Bell and then a Peter Piper Pizza, he is going to have a church in his house, adopt kids, and have some money to burn. With this said money he is going to get a hot rod for himself that goes 200 miles per hour and one baby carrying car so his babies heads don't fly off. He is going to hire his sister Abby and pay her 6oo dollars an hour to work at his Pizza Place. She didn't think that was a good deal but he reassured her it was and that he couldn't treat her special because he didn't want to be unfair to the rest of his employees, Abby inquired if he could please be unfair when no one was looking. Mason assured her that he could not because he didn't want his people to quit. So Abby relented and said that 600 dollars an hour would be fine.

On a different note. I am so done with being pregnant. I love Serenity and I want to meet her so badly. Gary is very excited and I think this time around he really and truly sees the magic of the whole thing as he is in constant wander. Me I am in constant pain and being uncomfortable doesn't bring out the best in me. For that reason I am sure that Gary will be happy when I deliver her. I am having contractions all day now since Saturday, gaining weight faster now than ever before. I think I am up to 19 pounds. I have 1 week left but I don't think I will make it that far. Who knows though, it has been so different from all my other pregnancies. At this point I want to crawl into a cave and be left alone. My cell phone is broken so actually that is a good thing. I know everyone is concerned but I am feeling a lot of pressure with this concern and anticipation to the point where I have decided not to answer the phone. Okay off to deal with heart burn.