Friday, April 8, 2011


Serenity is doing her part to water the plants, save the earth conserve water, have a baby.

the wild alfalfa is too much temptation

When she is 1 year old I am going to retake this picture next to this tree, think it is apricot

Her little hands are into everything

So sweet, this little photo shot gave her a sunburn.  We were literally in the sun for 10 minutes!!!  arrhhh the desert.

Grandpa Jo's aloes.  After he died over a year ago I can finally give his precious aloes roots.  Interesting enough it is in the same place he lived.  The farm.

I don't know who the Drakes are and they got hitched over 3 weeks ago, but any sign that says wedding and yee haw in the same sentence is going to be a good time.  Wish I could have crashed that one.

Tis the season.

Pink eye, respiratory infection, strep, and stomach bug.  fa la la la la.  (who wants to come to my house for tea?? anyone?) mmm .

I was chatting with a good friend who has 8 kids and she wanted to let the world know why she took hand sanitation to a new level.  It is true, with many kids in the house a simple virus could last a whole season.  I am glad that this has happened in the course of the week but I can see if we keep passing stuff around how this could really drag out.  I don't think though in my history of motherdom, that I have had this many virus's simultaneously. 

I am just posting some pictures now because I don't have time or energy to do anything else.  Did I mention that me and Gary are both sick too?  It defies all the laws of momdom.  Well that is what I get for eating 4 cup cakes at one time and not taking my vitamins and staying up late reading blogs.

Arrugula!  I almost forgot to mention that Nettie was chosen out of 1,000 girls to meet with an award winning photographer to represent girls scouts in Arizona.  They only chose 30 girls and out of those 30 they will pick just 4!!  Here's to wishing her luck on that winning smile.  This would really mean alot to her as she is very aware of ethnicity in advertising.  Plus it gives me the confirmation I needed to continue on with signing her with an agent for child modeling.  Go Nettie!!  I can't help but wander what would her birth parents think?  Baby she has come a long way!!!