Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It was a mongoose

I have so much time on my hands, because 3 kids, homeschooling, ministry work, Gary's birthday and adoption and a clean house and travel arrangements are not enough so I decided to research this little critter of Kona.

It is a mongoose, introduced to Hawaii by India to take care of rodents, Mongoose are considered pest in Hawaii and to top it off they are known for killing snakes but there are not snakes in Hawaii. snort snort.

Mongoose or weasle we don't know

Remember yesterday when I said Gary saw a mongoose outside of his window looking at him, well what did you think we were kidding? Gary was on an overnight in Hawaii and this is the little critter he saw. My life is not so exotic, I did see a wasp in our house though drinking from the drain in our fridge and that was pretty cool and how ya the kids found a cricket and I don't really know what they did with it, the last I heard they were talking about antennas and how ya I killed some flies that was exciting. yes I am being sarcastic.