Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Very Dissapointing

You know we had a dissapointing night tonight. We went to dinner as a family to Chiles in Goodyear and that is something that we really don't do often. We spent 70 dollars and totally splurged, it was fun and a nice thing before I leave.

Dinner was ruined. There were people behind us, young and in their 20's with just the foulest mouths you have ever heard, talking about things that were so X rated I can't even begin to reapeat them. I didn't notice, Gary did and then of course I had to be subjected to their ill mannered and nasty behavoir, not only me but my kids. When our food arrived I prayed very loud so they could hear me but it didn't stop them.

I would have loved to say something or move or anything but we didn't. I just prayed. My kids didn't hear anything it was just more disturbing for Gary and I to have to listen to this and it more so because they were black.

There I said it. You know whatever but they were using the F word and N word like it was everyday to them. I never even hear that word let alone use it!! It was sad to me because our waiter was also black. He was kind and gentle and knows our friends from church, but because of these ignorant fools wearing their gang bangin clothes and looking and talking the part of ignorance they perpetuate a stereo type that I have to protect my son from. That makes me mad, because people around are not going to remember the Waiter and his kind heart and sincere words, or my darling son from Ethiopia. They will remember and classify black people with these sad and troubled souls. This is what I have to protect my son from, not just people like them but people who stereotype because of people like them. It makes me so mad.

I prayed, I asked God to forgive them for their crude, violent filthy talk. I felt sad for them. I told Gary we just don't know how they grew up and what they saw. He couldn't understand why in a family restaurant would someone use such ill mannered speech. I just told him not everyone knows manners or cares, maybe they were not brought up to care. Or maybe they are just so selfish and young they don't care. I told Gary it was wrong yes, but we don't know what their lives will be like in 10 years. I really don't want to judge them as humans today, all we could do was pray.