Friday, April 23, 2010

Rotten Teeth ( A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words)

I know I said I was going to write about the evils of agave nectar, but first I must interject this little comment.

I am not the first and only mom that tried to scare her kids into brushing their teeth properly by showing them scary internet pictures of other kids rotten teeth!

I simply googled "Rotten teeth..." and there came up a list of websites that were titled "Pictures of Kids Rotten Teeth" I didn't even have to go to an image search.

I quickly clicked on one to show my Nettie this morning and boy did it do the trick!!! (Of course it's Nettie and she would do anything to be beautiful) She high tailed it back to the bathroom leaving only a fear contrail in her wake! I LOVE IT. Fast and effective.

Now Mason and Abby are up and I will do the same for them. I am doing them a favor, the same favor my dad did when I was 8. It is called fear. He told me that he knew someone who was only 20 who lost all of their teeth and had to wear dentures! That was all it took for me to start brushing better. Well that is so old school, as now we have the internet and we don't have to leave it up to our imaginations to figure out what rotten teeth may look like. It's all right there in digital crystal clarity! I cringed as I viewed the teeth up close. My least favorite was the rotten teeth and the mustache. I will be kind enough to post the links for you mothers that decide to use this as a helpful tool. I will however spare the faint of heart from the gruesome reality of the actual pictures.

Enjoy! (as dentists everywhere applaud my parenting!)

P.S. Just showed this to the older kids! I am laughing so hard!! (not because I am sadistic, but because it worked!!!) the pictures where met with shrieks and Mason burying his face into my chest, wanting to look but to afraid. I explained bacteria and what sugar does to your teeth. They both took off like a shot to brush after breakfast. The water is running and they will have clean teeth by 9 am. HELLO! Homeschool at its finest.

Final comment and warning.
Abby 6 years old "Be careful not to scrub the paint off your teeth that God gave you."