Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daisy Scout Fire Department Day

We did a cute little field trip to the Fire Department today. It was with Abby's Daisy Scout Troupe, this picture is caught in the reflection of the fire truck she was looking up at the tools. So cute.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Let me tell you something about fear. The person who said there is nothing to fear but fear itself didn't know that fear itself was in itself a big enough monster to fear. I haven't written for so long because I have been consumed with fear, anxiety and worry. I have shared these feelings with a few friends, okay anyone who would listen, but now here I am writing about what I have learned in the past few months about fear. I actually cannot write now because I have to unload a ton of groceries, cook dinner, cook another dinner, then make lunch, clean up and get ready for church and clean the kids, and jar some peaches that about to go off and dry some apples and juice the rest of them. Okay now I am tired just thinking of what I am trying to avoid. Anyway the point is I need to sit down and journal what it is that God has shown me in the last few months since our trip, where I realized the fear began. I think the more light I shine on it the less power it has over me. So when I actually find a second to think, then find another second to write I shall spill my guts and my tears and share what I have gone through.