Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here are some newer pictures

We started homeschool a few weeks ago, thus my lack of blogging. I have really enjoyed it but it leaves me with little time for very many other things. I have this list in my head that just keeps playing. So much to do, not to mention I keep a list of things for Gary to do as well. I know he loves that. Not. Anyway here are some pictures of our kids doing what they do best, just being cute.

First day of School

Netties drawing of someone, maybe me?
Abby and her flamingo
No shirt required at homeschool for kids under 4 and under. :)
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First day of school

Art class

Nettie loves drawing
I just asked for a picture of an animal instead I got a whole scene with giant man eating grasshoppers, a dragon who ate a guy swords even blood. Nice. Only in Home School he may get expelled for this anywhere else.
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Putting the girls to bed they love to snuggle
It was cute they each have their little dolls that are special
This is what my kids do to tire swings
Our slide
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