Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Goofy husband

On my last post my goofy husband was supposed to edit my last bit and then post it but apparently he added his own sentiments while I was out riding bikes with the kids. I did not crash into a 300 K trailer, I did not fall off the banana bike, too low to the ground. I did however find it difficult to steer with my giant butt as the guiding force.

I forgot to add something a bit funny. We played baseball as a family the other night in the dirt lot by our trailer. It was girls against boys, I was batting and Abby was on third. I hit the ball and began to yell to Abby to run home!! My poor baby ran to the trailer, she ran right past home base and straight home, literally. In the end she was embarrassed because Gary and I were laughing at her, it was so cute. I found her little head bowed and a not so peppy Abby sitting on the steps of our trailer. Her big brother had his arm around her and was encouraging her telling her "Next time you can be on my team." It was so adorable.

San Diego!

Well we have had a great time in San Diego. Once again the KOA has not let us down. Half off this month for people who keep their trailers here, so that is 25 bucks a night!! Currently the kids are riding thier bikes and we just got back from the science center FREE, that's right. FREE. We came along with our homeschool group AZVA and there was not admission. Yesterday we went to the San Diego zoo, FREE!! yep no admission. I am sitting in my air conditioned trailer, Nettie is watching a DVD, Judah is sleeping. We are planning on heading out tomaorrow. I think we are going to the beach this eveing to watch the sunset. This afternoon we had a picnic at Balboa park, it was splendid. We sat in the shade and watched the kids play, the butterflies and the falling leaves. I was able to meet two nice famililes from our homeschool group.

On a different note it is amazing to me how much Nettie has grown and how much English she knows now. She has left her life in Ethiopia behind her, which is sad. I never expected or wanted her to forget who she was, and I hope as her English improves she can tell me about her life in Ethiopia. We may go to an Ethiopian resturaunt here in San Diego tonight before the beach. The last time we were here she had just been home a week or so, and looking back on that time I can see how much she has grown. Gary just stepped back in so I am going to take the kids riding. I hope I dont fall off and scrape my knee or bash my head or roll over or crash into one of the kids or ruin a $300,000 camper.