Thursday, November 13, 2008

My embarassing moment.

Well I wrote on my other blog about how I went to do a radio show early Wednesday morning. You can check the details on, anyway....

I was waiting for my pastor at McDonalds early in the morning, it was still dark. I was outside waiting and apparently there was a homeless person's cart and bags about 10 feet away from me. A very nice man approached me and asked me if that was my stuff over there. I looked and said "No" politely, then realized he thought I was homeless!!!! I immediately asked him "DO I LOOK HOMELESS?" now I wasn't being rude, I honestly wanted to know. If so then maybe I could do something different with the scarf I had on or burn the whole outfit. Anyway I can imagine how rude I sounded, I didn't mean to. He quickly returned the comment with "I just thought that since times were tough I was going to buy you breakfast!" OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! He was going to buy me breakfast because he thought I was homeless. sigh. Oh well, I didn't match and my clothes were actually kinda baggy and I wasn't wearing socks with my shoes.