Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ultra sound

Well yesterday I got another ultrasound. I am just about 13 weeks now. She is predicted to be a girl! I am not surprised. She was moving around, kicking and being so very cute. She actually looks like Mason from the profile.

I went to the doctor today and they squeezed me in. I am just so tired and weak. They took my blood in the office just to check my thyroid.

I will try to post some pictures of the ultra sound as soon as I figure out how to do it with our new scanner.

Tonight my story is not about one of the kids, it is about my husband. We are now in the fly season and the new compost pile doesn't help much. I cannot stand flys, not even a little bit. Gary was out and I begged him to pick up a fly swatter as ours is lost. So he came home and told me he decided to make a fly swatter because he didn't want to pay 3 dollars for something he could make. I roll my eyes, the kids think he is the bomb and Gary unloads a bunch of tools from his garage onto my family calendar and proceeds to spend the next 15 minutes constructing what he thinks he can actually patent as the worlds best fly swatter. Well he has killed several flys with it, but I still have my doubts and I am upset that he didn't bother to buy a back up in case his homemade version didn't work. Nettie could see I was upset at this mans antics and said that when she becomes a wife and a mom and her husbands makes her a fly swatter she would hug him and say thank you. I told her she is a better woman than I! Gary, triumphant in his fly swatter success and the obvious approval from the kids in the form of many cheers every time he hit a fly, said that I should be very happy he just saved 3 dollars to buy our first chicken for our farm. YEE HAW!!!