Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a Day

It is close to 10 pm.  I am tired.  Mason is on his way home from a birthday party in the hood.  I didn't worry as much as I thought I would.  Good for me.  I want sugar.  All I have is Raisin Bran.  I don't think that counts.  I can't believe I am wasting carbs on Raisin Bran. oh well.

Today out at the "farm" I had a sort of moment.  I walked through our budding little orchard, talked to each plant and prayed for them.  Then I wen to water the grape vines and was shocked to see how much they have already grown!  I must admit I got all teary as I examined them closer and found teeny tiny weeny bitty grape clusters on them.  I was so happy to see the growth and it dawned on me that God loves to see us grow too.  After I finished watering the grapes I went to take a little walk through my favorite place on the property, the citrus trees.  In the quiet of the late afternoon I pulled a lemon off one tree so I could use it in the bake sale tomorrow (making lemon bars)  and a beautiful little dove flew out from it's nest.  God is so good to provide food for us and homes for the animals.  He is a multi tasking God and I love that.  I examined and marveled at the grapefruit tree, how full and green it was.  It looks like we are going to have another round of grapefruits with all the blossoms.  The air was full with the lingering smell of orange blossoms from the neighbors yard.  Serenity was in the front carrier grabbing and batting at leaves and enjoying the shade and scents as much as I was.  That is until she started gagging and throwing up.  I am bit slow so it took me three rounds of this game to realize perhaps she had something in her mouth.  DuH.   I took her to the house and fished out a tiny bud of a grapefruit, stem and leaf.    Rolling eyes.  This child is into everything and she is only 5 months old!!!! 

This evening when we got home we were all playing at the park next to our house.  Abby disappeared inside and after a while I figured I better go see what she was up too.  Inside the house I found her with a pained look on her face.  She told me she fell into a fish hook cactus.  Sure enough she did.  Apparently she was watching some bees because she was curious about how they make honey when suddenly she felt they were after her (having been recently stung I am surprised she was even going close to them)  She was wearing a yellow shirt and she figured they were drawn to it.  In her attempt to get away she landed her bum directly on one of our cactus.  But like she did with the bee she just pulled all the quills out herself and went inside. 

It is 10:30.  I am toast.  I would eat toast except I don't have bread.  My eyes are falling.  Mason will be home any minute.  Abby is in bed with me because she may be getting a nasty stomach bug.  I hope not. 

10:40 Mason is home, strung out on sugar and very "happy"  he also has a new joke (when your in third grade and you happen to be a boy, popular equates to how funny you are)  So here it is, maybe I will be popular.  "your mamma is so fat when she sat on walmart she lowered the prices"  hahahah now do you love me?

10:41  Do fruit roll ups count as sugar.  Well I am on my second on.  Off to bed with me now, puke bucket in hand just in case.