Friday, March 21, 2008

How I Feel

What I am doing right now. (besides waiting)

I am sitting with an ice cube in my nose. Yes an ice cube jammed in my nostril. Come on what do you do on Good Friday?

Why am I sitting with an ice cube jammed in my nose? I am dulling the pain of the Cayenne pepper that my husband so delicately put in my nose applied in a semi large quantity with a q tip.

come on isn't that what a good husband is supposed to do ?

I have a head ache, brought on by my inability to handle stress properly. Or too much coffee or an out of place back or talking to much on my cell phone that could cause an out of place back. Who knows.

Apparently he read in Men's Health that pepper in your nose will help dull the pain receptors and increase blood flow. But I can tell you as one who has done this, it helps because it burns so bad you forget about the migraine. Now I am drinking pepper diluted in water, this helps your head aches because it causes major heart burn again taking your "mind" off the pain.

My husband the wanna be homeopathic doctor.