Monday, August 18, 2008

Everyone married couple should have one

Went to a birthday party at PUMP IT UP. It was great. Gary and I have been bickering over stupid things lately like who is making who late. I am sure he is making us late when we go out as a family and he begs to differ. It was on the occasion of one such argument that we were fortunate enough to be on our way to a place where we could settle things. Old school. Pump it up baby! Oh ya, I hauled my fat butt into one of those little kid bouncy things and challenged my dear husband to a match or two. I dawned the sweaty head gear, without fear of germs, and picked up the giant boxing mittens. Okay so round one he got me. He tagged me so hard in the ear that I got a headache. But if you know me you will also know that I wasn't going to drop it. Round to the jousting table, it is the one above with that padded thing in the middle. You have to stand on it with these big foam logs and try to knock each other down. I so won. To see that 6 foot one man tumble backwards legs flailing in the air totally helpless was good enough for me!! In the end I lost, I went down quite a bit more. Again he hit me so hard in the side of the head he gave me a headache. I don't care what they say about the safety of those foam things they hurt! We ran the obstacle course and he won that too. But I had fun trying. I hyper extended my knee, got a burn on my elbow, nearly dislocated my shoulder, and twisted my ankle. I was and am sore. My friends husband also twisted his ankle and last I heard is still limping. It was worth it. I left feeling refreshed and ready to go. Everyone should own these tools of matrimony, it would make life so much easier.

Bad bloger, bad bloger

Yes that is me.

I have to admit I have been busy. I know it is bad when I am too busy to blog.

Homeschool started and I have been trying to get into a groove. I am loving it this year thus far, using our virtual academy! I had a parent teacher conference today and it is so wonderful not doing this alone like I have in the past.

Okay quick update, Nettie is doing fantastic!! She is a dream and we adore her. She has her moments but really compared to some of my past experiences doesn't phase me. She is funny and has figured us all out. She is afraid of nothing! I love that. She dances and sings for everything and her number one goal in life is to make us laugh. Lately she has been really kissy with me. She will do something she knows is naughty and come up and say "But I love you!" or I will tell her I am going to count to three and she smiles until I stand up then she just books it down the hall. She has me figured out. She is sleeping on her own and the moaning for me to lay with her has subsided to a little protest but if she has a big brother or sister lay down with her and snuggle with her it seems to do.

It is hard, I think she asked me to take her to Africa to see Ababa, her Ethiopia daddy. I don't know. She is learning English so fast I am afraid she couldn't speak Amharic if she wanted to. She has told us she like America and she loves us all and that Ethiopia was "no conjo" She has gotten used to the food and using manners. She prays at the dinner table, says "yes mom", and sits down to eat and says excuse me from table. The other day she apparently burped and kept saying "Excusa may from da table" we were getting onto her about finishing her food and she couldn't leave the table, until we realized she meant "excuse me" She likes to try to put everyone to sleep and tells you to "Lay down, go to shleep!" then she sings "Manaka bi baby in the tee shop" The kids love speaking her language and have even picked up on her accent. She was so excited about the Ethiopians winning the gold in the Olympics she jumped up and down and kissed the TV then imitated the runners starting position and took off running down the hall. She yells at anyone that dares interrupts her while she is speaking, she tells them "SHhhhhhh!" I am talking to mamma, you go this away"

Homeschool is great like I said, the kids are doing wonderful. Judah is back in school and Nettie says she wants to stay home with me. I am doing some preschool work with her and fully anticipate her to be in Kinder next year. Abby is doing mostly first grade work which is very good. I wasn't sure she could get it but she is! I am finding Mason to be very talented and a deep thinker, a perfectionist who doesn't like to try for fear of failing. I know how he feels so I hope and pray that I can help him with these deep feelings. He is always dreaming, constantly designing and has a mind set to invent.

All in all I am having a blast with my second week of homeschool. I just get to do all the fun without the worry of curriculum. That is a huge responsibility off my shoulders. I thought I missed a lot last year by not having a set guide but apparently I had my kids ahead anyway. I will post pictures of them soon.