Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just another day

We got invited to go to a free dinner at our local Chik Fil A. Yesssss...... they are so cool. Anyway as we were all trying to leave the house, Gary is fiddle faddling around taking his sweet time. I load the Suburban with all the kids, we are sweating like mad. I then decide to multi task and just pick up some of the garbage in the car while we were waiting for Gary. Much to my dismay I find a quart of motor oil leaking in the back seat, I mean really!!! Motor oil???? So I put it in my garbage bag, apparently not the right way to dispose of motor oil. By now Gary has decided to grace us with his presence and jumps into the car, snapping at me that we don't have time to clean the car. I try to jump in but slip on something slick, at the same time he is starting the car and the battery is totally dead. He is not happy and blames me for leaving the lights on. I don't think so. I blame the kids and look down to my feet to see what I slipped on. MOTOR OIL!!! the whole stinking thing leaked out the bag and on the concrete of our driveway. I debate telling Gary this messy little detail as now he is sweating and looking for jumper cables. Well it's not like I could hide it. So I fess up and his face turns red, I am not sure if it is the sun or me. Most likely me. I blame him for leaving motor oil in the back pocket of the back seat and he blames Mason for kicking it until it cracked. Yes we are dysfunctional. Finally he jumped the car, Nettie is screaming because she is sweaty and cannot stand it dripping of her face, Judah is chanting "Turn the cold air on!!" (which is actually broken) and Abby who is not is a seat belt is trying to restrain Sweaty Nettie who is also not buckled in. At this point the kids discover a new rhyme to Netties name, "Sweaty Nettie" and begin singing it. Meanwhile Gary is pouring dish soap all over the oil spill and scrubbing it with a broom. Finally he gets in the car and we are a half hour late for our dinner date.

Upon arriving I am told we can order anything and everything. I did. Our bill was close to 50 bucks!!! On the house!! I was so stressed out I ate so fast and swallowed everything down with a half melted cookies and cream milk shake, ended up sick. Never eat when you are anxious. Meanwhile I am thanking God I don't have small kids and all four of my children can play alone in the play area.

When we left the madness started all over again. We finally load them up and immediately the "I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I have to pee." ...... why is that?? We were just in the restaurant, I just don't understand.

Needless to say I went to bed really early and got a good nights sleep.