Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, again

Our neighborhood is just so cool, every year for 6 years we have been celebrating together. This was our third annual second Thanksgiving. This is the little park next door to our house.

Just being silly.

All the neighborhood kids watch a movie on the wall of our other neighbor, while the adults enjoy a glass of wine and desert after a huge meal.

Judah found a little girlfriend.

Mason and his jungle cutter design

I know it looks kinda confusing but it was amazing the detail. Every little thing her drew had a purpose and it all made sense. The lines with all the dots are stabilizers, each guy has his own room with a pillow and a light. t was cute.
The triangles are tents of the enemy and he uses perspective to indicate the smaller ones are further away. There is even a guy on a chair and there is a little arrow that indicates his chair leans back.

Abbies birthday!!!

Look at my five year old!!
Dustin and two of his girls

Lizzie and Evan, the kids cousins

Abbie bouldering

Abbie and Talia

My most adorable nephew Asa


Judah loading up on crazy juice

two of my sisters

Abbie wanted a God party so this was her decorations

Nutty one and two, Mason and Andrew best friends

Abbie and Lizzie

Abbie and her man Dan

My five year old girl, never could have imagined.

This is on her real birthday, we went out and got a light lunch before running errands