Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Requested Carrot to Dog via spitting

Okay it took me forever to figure this out but here it is Julia, it was worth and still makes me laugh so hard. This is Abigail my darling daughter age 1. She went through a phase where she "shot" everything from her mouth, she could catch good air and things would fly out of her mouth at great distances. Peas, carrots, Cheerios, you name it. We laughed once and then it didn't stop and became an embarrassment to us, she would send things flying everywhere, dinner table, restaurants, airports, you name it. The dog didn't mind.

Pirate face

This is an oldy but a goody, he would say ARRR I am a pirate. Some of the first things he said to us as he began to talk.
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Some rare moments of my past captured on film

My friend Julia inspired me and reminded me of the good ol days when my kids were babies. See Abby and Mason are very close but we had our moments. I think Abby was annoying him and suddenly he just snapped at her and bit her finger. It was just one of those times I got it on film by accident.
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