Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 9 years!!!!

Well I haven't blogged in forever, but this is certainly blog worthy. Nine years ago today Gary and tied the knot in Sedona, Arizona. He purposed to me just a few weeks prior. We drove up to South Mountain on his motor cycle and looked over the city lights, when I turned around he was on one knee with a ring shining in the headlight of the motorcycle. Of course I said yes, but I still had my helmet on so I was trying to pull it off, jumping up and down. We drove back down to his mom's house listening to Johnny Cash and the Burning Ring of Fire song. We couldn't talk, it was cold and the wind chilled me, but inside I was warm with the thought of finally becoming his wife.

We planned a fast wedding not for the reason some may think. I had to have brain surgery in January. Neither of us was sure how it would all turn out for me. Many people with my condition came out of surgery permanently damaged in some way or another. We just didn't know what we would be dealing with, seizures, speaking problems, walking, perhaps a total vegetable? That is why he wanted to marry me fast before Jan 11 2001 when my surgery was scheduled. He told me he wanted to be there for me in case it didn't work out for me physically he wanted to be my husband and not my boyfriend. Tell me how do you describe that kind of loyalty? You can't. It is love in action and not just words.

We headed up to Sedona, AZ the day after Christmas, (sorry guys for hijacking everyone's Christmas plans:) it was the only time all the family would be around. We rented a cute little cabin for everyone and celebrated Christmas together as the Bruyns and the Burlesons. I lost the ring sometime in the night, found it in the morning. It was snowing the day before and windy as could be then at noon the wind stopped and the sun came out and we had our little ceremony outside the day after Christmas. It was so pretty and sanctified. I felt beautiful and Gary was so handsome.

Now nine years later, four kids and several animals, here we are. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, who doesn't? But when the day ends there is nothing I like better than to know my husband is home and he is by my side. I love laughing with him and nobody else cares as much as I do about the funny things our kids do. He is a good man, he is a loyal man, he is a loving man and he is my best friend. I am so blessed to snag a guy like that!! but that story is for another time hehheheh.

Six months later after the brain surgery we took that bike across the country on our honeymoon. Phx to Bar Harbor Maine, it was the best adventure among others that span the globe. Looking forward if God wills another nine years to grow old, gray and fit with you darling!!
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