Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mason's water pump

Okay in my last post I wrote that Mason was designing a water system in case we hit hard times, I have to say I am impressed. I will post a picture of it later but it came equipped with stabilizers, a solar power pump with a wind mill to back it up on cloudy days. This pump would remove dirty water from a lake, take it down a long process of purification through a series of strainers and in the end adding salt to purify. It also came with an automatic sensory shut off valve to keep it from flooding. He is pretty sure it would annoy the ducks though with the noise that his power pump would make. In questioning him further he said "who cares about the ducks?" He wants to build this at our community lake and then test the water to see how clean it is. He is six.

Gary just told me he drew up a design on a wind mill to send to T Boon Pickens as an alternative power source. I asked him "who told you to do that?" and he said no one I just know that T Boone Pickens likes wind power and I know we are having problems with energy and fuel. He is pretty confident that T Boon Pickens will like his design. I saw T Boones name on a paper then I tossed it, whoops.

Well my six year old boy just took a flying leap of the homeschool desk screaming a tribal cry, then calmly telling me that it was necessary. Boys will be boys.

Some Abbyisms

"Mom did you know that big boom (breast) take up lots of space, and little booms don't take up space, I mean big booms take up loooootttts of space! little booms are much more better, you can really push them down so you can have much more space"

Seriously I don't know what she is talking about with the space issues, we know she has issues but that is about it.

"Mom did you know there was a bible verse and is says "Don't hang on to the foolishness of your anger , you need to hold onto the goodish"

Mason told me today, you know Abby we are heading for a great depression, so I am going to design a water storage system.

Yes we homeschool and so? :)

my kids are nutty and I love them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meth Party

Our check book, stolen from our car was apparently passed around at a meth party. Nice. No wander so many people were trying to cash them. It is very sad when I think of it. I am not mad or anything but it is just weird. I wander if I went to the jail where they are and if I met them they would at all care. I wander if I put a face on the check book they stole if it would matter? Maybe to a few but not to some. I hope they all come to know God and can be free from the addiction of drugs. It is strange to me that the some of the people who were caught trying to cash checks, some as much as 500 dollars and some as little as 60 will spend two years in jail for that on top of the years they are spending for other crimes. The police called us today and told us of a particular man who was sentenced four years and now he is getting two more just for using our check book. It is so strange to me. Anyway that is the scoop, no word on our car but I am very happy with our new Suburban. We are getting an alarm, we have a club and Gary even cleaned out the garage so we can park it in there!! That is a miracle in and of itself. You should have seen our garage. So Barney is now safe in our garage, locked away. Yahoo!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Goofy husband

On my last post my goofy husband was supposed to edit my last bit and then post it but apparently he added his own sentiments while I was out riding bikes with the kids. I did not crash into a 300 K trailer, I did not fall off the banana bike, too low to the ground. I did however find it difficult to steer with my giant butt as the guiding force.

I forgot to add something a bit funny. We played baseball as a family the other night in the dirt lot by our trailer. It was girls against boys, I was batting and Abby was on third. I hit the ball and began to yell to Abby to run home!! My poor baby ran to the trailer, she ran right past home base and straight home, literally. In the end she was embarrassed because Gary and I were laughing at her, it was so cute. I found her little head bowed and a not so peppy Abby sitting on the steps of our trailer. Her big brother had his arm around her and was encouraging her telling her "Next time you can be on my team." It was so adorable.

San Diego!

Well we have had a great time in San Diego. Once again the KOA has not let us down. Half off this month for people who keep their trailers here, so that is 25 bucks a night!! Currently the kids are riding thier bikes and we just got back from the science center FREE, that's right. FREE. We came along with our homeschool group AZVA and there was not admission. Yesterday we went to the San Diego zoo, FREE!! yep no admission. I am sitting in my air conditioned trailer, Nettie is watching a DVD, Judah is sleeping. We are planning on heading out tomaorrow. I think we are going to the beach this eveing to watch the sunset. This afternoon we had a picnic at Balboa park, it was splendid. We sat in the shade and watched the kids play, the butterflies and the falling leaves. I was able to meet two nice famililes from our homeschool group.

On a different note it is amazing to me how much Nettie has grown and how much English she knows now. She has left her life in Ethiopia behind her, which is sad. I never expected or wanted her to forget who she was, and I hope as her English improves she can tell me about her life in Ethiopia. We may go to an Ethiopian resturaunt here in San Diego tonight before the beach. The last time we were here she had just been home a week or so, and looking back on that time I can see how much she has grown. Gary just stepped back in so I am going to take the kids riding. I hope I dont fall off and scrape my knee or bash my head or roll over or crash into one of the kids or ruin a $300,000 camper.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Barney Mobile

Well we got a new suburban! 2005, thank you very much! My friends were laughing at me because I can't work all the gadgets, but I am learning! We got a great deal at an auction! It is very nice. It was missing a radio so Gary went down to Best Buy to have one installed. Leave it up to my do it your self husband. They installed the radio then realized the speakers were blew out. So the tech told Gary he didn't have time to do the speakers, well we leave tomorrow so .... it had to be done. Gary asked the tech if he could stick around and install the speakers himself! They said yes, and with a minor tutorial he was able to put our speakers in, hanging with the Best Buy techs in the back. Gary saved us 80 dollars in labor cost! Plus the funny part is that they offered Gary a job! He may take it! He would be installing alarms and stereos and he feels the experience and extra money would be good for us.

Anyway our car was a great deal, in part because it is two toned. Lets see what it has been lovingly called thus far, "Barney" "Pimp mobile" "Ghetto Fab" "Mobile Disco" I think it is funny. It is purple and silver by the way! It is growing on me, regardless it is different and that I like.

I know I keep saying it but we will post pictures, life is so busy and I can testify that the more kids you add the faster it goes!