Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meth Party

Our check book, stolen from our car was apparently passed around at a meth party. Nice. No wander so many people were trying to cash them. It is very sad when I think of it. I am not mad or anything but it is just weird. I wander if I went to the jail where they are and if I met them they would at all care. I wander if I put a face on the check book they stole if it would matter? Maybe to a few but not to some. I hope they all come to know God and can be free from the addiction of drugs. It is strange to me that the some of the people who were caught trying to cash checks, some as much as 500 dollars and some as little as 60 will spend two years in jail for that on top of the years they are spending for other crimes. The police called us today and told us of a particular man who was sentenced four years and now he is getting two more just for using our check book. It is so strange to me. Anyway that is the scoop, no word on our car but I am very happy with our new Suburban. We are getting an alarm, we have a club and Gary even cleaned out the garage so we can park it in there!! That is a miracle in and of itself. You should have seen our garage. So Barney is now safe in our garage, locked away. Yahoo!

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