Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mason's water pump

Okay in my last post I wrote that Mason was designing a water system in case we hit hard times, I have to say I am impressed. I will post a picture of it later but it came equipped with stabilizers, a solar power pump with a wind mill to back it up on cloudy days. This pump would remove dirty water from a lake, take it down a long process of purification through a series of strainers and in the end adding salt to purify. It also came with an automatic sensory shut off valve to keep it from flooding. He is pretty sure it would annoy the ducks though with the noise that his power pump would make. In questioning him further he said "who cares about the ducks?" He wants to build this at our community lake and then test the water to see how clean it is. He is six.

Gary just told me he drew up a design on a wind mill to send to T Boon Pickens as an alternative power source. I asked him "who told you to do that?" and he said no one I just know that T Boone Pickens likes wind power and I know we are having problems with energy and fuel. He is pretty confident that T Boon Pickens will like his design. I saw T Boones name on a paper then I tossed it, whoops.

Well my six year old boy just took a flying leap of the homeschool desk screaming a tribal cry, then calmly telling me that it was necessary. Boys will be boys.

Some Abbyisms

"Mom did you know that big boom (breast) take up lots of space, and little booms don't take up space, I mean big booms take up loooootttts of space! little booms are much more better, you can really push them down so you can have much more space"

Seriously I don't know what she is talking about with the space issues, we know she has issues but that is about it.

"Mom did you know there was a bible verse and is says "Don't hang on to the foolishness of your anger , you need to hold onto the goodish"

Mason told me today, you know Abby we are heading for a great depression, so I am going to design a water storage system.

Yes we homeschool and so? :)

my kids are nutty and I love them.