Sunday, June 1, 2008

now this is a cake!!

This is my friend Julies baby shower cake, yes the name of her blog is written on it, that is abou the cutest thing ever, I want that living love out loud on mine, my good friend Aubrey said she would do the cake and I tell you she is the best in the west, she didn't do this cake but I will post some pictures of ones she does. OH the taste of them are heavenly!! The shower was great!! She will be bringing home her two kids from Ethiopia in a few months! How exciting.
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Today, Sunday

Well today we went to the Amharic service at the local Ethiopian pastors church, the one our ministry team is involved with. I noticed my son's hair looked a bit greasy as he fixed himself, I just thought it was wet. But as the day grew on I realized that it was "wet" all day. I felt it and sure enough, he fixed his own hair with Judah's Africa Best Hair Mayonaise.
This is at the church, Mason sat with the other kids in Sunday school and Judah and Abby played outside.
Aren't they so cute?
Okay he looks angelic. Don't let the looks fool you though, he is a little fire ball!!!
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The final Birthday cake in all it's glory

Oh my gosh not that it is a day later I am so regretting that I didn't take some home, rather I left the remains at my mother in laws house. It was actually pretty good.
The kids were drooling for it,
Oh happy 37 birthday my hunny.
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