Sunday, June 1, 2008

now this is a cake!!

This is my friend Julies baby shower cake, yes the name of her blog is written on it, that is abou the cutest thing ever, I want that living love out loud on mine, my good friend Aubrey said she would do the cake and I tell you she is the best in the west, she didn't do this cake but I will post some pictures of ones she does. OH the taste of them are heavenly!! The shower was great!! She will be bringing home her two kids from Ethiopia in a few months! How exciting.
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  1. omg that is so cute! Almost as cute as my ethiopian flag cupcake tower. okay maybe it is cuter. so.. dieting sucks and I am only 5 hours into it. The tshirts are so cute, we should all have like tshirt tuesday ethiopian style and wear them!! Let me know what you think..

  2. I am currenlty thinkin seriously of M and M's I dont' want to diet, I am stressed and I want to eat everything. I do plan on eating a whole pizza tonight but that is all i have eaten all day :) it still is 1200 calories. I just hate this. You mean the tshirts you got em? you mean in Ethiopia?

  3. I lost 1.2lb so that is kinda cool I guess. The first day in Ethiopia I am eating so much pizza and bread and desert and makiatos with real sugar and cream yum. Yes we got our tshirts and yes wear them in Ethiopia.